Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Miranda Comic Style

This is my character miranda in the traditional comic style. It came out pretty good.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I just finished this wallpaper. It's a gaia commission. It came out splendidly.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Okay, heres a drawing I did,started out as a copy of a drawing in my comic art book, but ended up turning into something unexpected and totally awesome. I hope you guys like it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Young Indiana Jones?

Thats what everyone says this guy reminds them of. I also added a background so I will post the entire image now too.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Art trade: McEwin

This is a stoner hippy chick that was requested by McEwin when I requested of him that we do an art trade. So heres the result, and I'm happy to say it's fantastic! As you can see this ones a wallpaper.

I haven't had a lot of drawings to put on my artblog lately because 1, I screwed around a lot, and 2, I had other things to do like work on my webcomic.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Guy playing hacky sack

I drew this in iscribble a week ago maybe? I don't know been so busy I can't keep track of what day it is. :P I finally found free time to get this up on my blog.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fantasy world in iscribble.

I did this fantasy landscape in iscribble. It was fun to draw. It looks really plain this way though. So I will show you the completed version which some people on iscribble helped me color.

(I did the sky, and someone helped) I also chose some of the main colors.

It came out really good I think. What about you?

Self Portrait in Iscribble

I decided to draw myself for no reason at all. Cept my hair is longer. But I wanna get it cut so.. I used light colors as you can see. No idea why. But it looks good.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Right Hand of God

This script came to me randomly. No idea what made me make the boxes yellow, but it looks okay I think. Funny comic though right?

Mr. Dumbass

I came up with this randomly cus I hate politics.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lyla Graffiti

I drew this graffiti earlier in iscribble. it came out really well. I am proud of this.


Some of you will recognize this comic from sometime last week as well. This is the comic I drew for my buddy Jake. Zombies + Iraq = ZOMBAQ!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Spidey Oekaki

This is a spider-man artwork I did in Oekaki. I wanted to color it but Iscribble crashed. T_T

Devil Devil

For those of you who read my comic, you will recognize Rob. Perhaps this is why he does the things he does. ;) Perhaps not...but it sure was fun to draw. Haha.


This was my bros birthday present from me this year. He loves Vash, so I drew him one. I screwed up on it a little bit...but he liked it just the same...Glad he did, although I think I offered to do him a better one.


This was the first drawing I drew and colored with my Prisma colors when I first got them. I absolutely love how this one came out. Me lovesh you Trunks! Badddddd ass.


I think this was the second picture I ever colored with my prisma's after I got them, the first one was the next trunks pic I will be posting.

Terry Bogard

This is a fan of Terry I did from a picture I found on the internet. I was going to leave it black and white, but then I got our my Prisma's and just went with it. It came out nicely don't you agree? Even my mom likes this one.


This is a fanart I did of spider-man straight from one of my comics, and modified. Love the spidey yes I do.

Gaia Avatar

This is an artwork of my gaia avatar. I used a drawing tutorial to help me draw it. It's all sketchy and cruddy, but I like it just the same. ^_^ It came out really well, don't you think?


I couldn't get the skin tone right in this one. But still a bad ass drawing right? ^_^ Me lovesh the Ryu.

Evil Ryu

This is a fanart I did of Ryu. He's bad ass. Evil Ryu is who this guy is. I did it freehand. Love how it came out. Also had to go shopping for prisma color gray to do it.


This is a drawing I copied from the old Meredith picture from gaia. I miss this picture of Meredith. Oh Meredith, how I miss you. Bring her back gaia, or else. LOL


This is one of the first drawings I colored when I got my Prisma colors. I had all intentions of coloring it from the gitgo. I drew it just for the purpose of using my Prisma's. I love those pencils, they make me look good. ;)


This is a carlos fanart I did a while ago. Everyone favorited it on Deviantart. Even Carlos liked it...I think she came out rather well, still the best drawing I've ever done IMO. Hope you like it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I drew this Daredevil fanart, after I ended up liking the movie. I already had some comics, so I went through them and found that in one of the issues I have. So I copied it in black and white and left out backgrounds and such. I think it came out rather well. I drew 2 others, but this one came out the best.


This is a Crono fanart I did forever ago. I think it's dated...Anyhow, I copied it from a picture I found online, as best I could. I think it came out rather well apart from the pencil smudges. But thats how I like my artwork, nice and smudged.


I drew this Cloud fanart for my friend Gary for either his birthday or christmas. I can't remember. But I remember I had some time, and felt like drawing, so...here he is. I think I copied it from a pic I found online... Either way, he liked it, and I don't know if he still has the original copy.

Classic Megaman

Here's my fanart of classic megaman. I hope you enjoy it. It was my first freehand fanart that I ever did. So I give myself mad props. I like how it came out. I really do.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Alex Kelly

This is a fanart I did of Alex Kelly from the O.C. I did it the same way I did my fanart of my friend Sharon. People seem to really like this one on deviant art. It's been faved a few times. I like how it came out, I intend to do more like this eventually, it just takes a long time.


This is a cartooning of my friend Sharon that I did in adobe photoshop. I did it by taking her picture, tracing the outlines, and then taking the color and filling in the spaces. I found the tutorial for it somewhere online. It's that simple. No secrets.