Sunday, May 25, 2008

4 New pictures

Here's 4 new pictures I drew that I am very proud of. I just decided 1 post is sufficient for these 4 magnificent pieces...

(In order from bottom to top:)

The first image is a desing by Pablocomics( I drew it of course, it's for a birthday contest for pablocomics. I hope I win! Wish me luck!

The second is a cave people drawing I did. I'm not sure what the Male on the ground did, but the woman sure whooped his butt. Serious business!

The third is for another contest, it's for a dream contest, this one is about being foolish and gambling and it leading to your death. What a nightmare am I right? I think it came out pretty nicely.

The fourth one was the first one I drew actually, I just managed to darken and scan finally. It's of an alien and power source stuff. I like how it came out it's nice.

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