Saturday, March 7, 2009

Art dump of a random sort

Discussing the images from bottom to top because thats how I upload them... My first one is Aaeru from Simoun. My favorite character. I like how it came out, but not as much as my mom likes it. She thinks it's cute. The second picture, is gasmask of doom. Just some random guy I conjured up to show a person my coloring style. The third image is of me decapitating a zombie left handed. The next picture is Pay Day, a commission I did for someone on gaia online. I think it came out quite well. The next is Rob from my hiatus webcomic. And the final image is a commission I did for someone on gaia online. They paid me bank for it. So I did a little extra.

1 comment:

LLnL said...

I really love the range of art work here. I'm in love with the first two pieces but I really like all of your drawing for different reasons. I can't wait to see more.