Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 09' dump

From the bottom up, is just a boy I was drawing for practice. Then a purple dragon with a purple eye that I drew a few hours ago, that ended up being a part of a collab on The next one up is Guardian of the Golden Mountains, a dragon piece I finished a couple of hours ago in using my wacom bamboo. The next one up is A quickie sketch I did of link a couple weeks ago. Then the final one I have to share is just a blond boy in a red jacket.

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LLnL said...

You are so cool. I admire artist and I'm inspired by your pieces. Your style is eclectic and your photography is really good. I had use to write creative stories and I wrote a story about a dragon and a madien and your drawing would be perfect for it.

I have since lost the pieces but want to rewrite the book and try to get it published. I have a lot of ideas and hope that I can work with you soon.