Sunday, July 5, 2009

The dragon at the top of this post is someting I just finished drawing.
The guy with the black hair and red armor is RayRay one of my character concepts for Mechantics. The boy with the lolipop was just for fun. The black and white dragon that follows in the cavern is something I drew for the renaissance fair back in May. The girl with orange hair and the stones is from the Fifth Element, thats why the flaming ball is in the back. Next comes the Elvish boy with the green hair. The drawing below that in black and white is a Crevice and theres a castle nad some houses and a bridge in it. Basically a fanatasy Scape. After that comes a CornFro. Drawn for someone on iscribble who guessed that I was drawing a Lemming, I however don't have a copy of my lemming anymore, it's in the void. The bloody sword after that I drew cept I didn't draw the blood I just colored the blood someone else added the blood in on All of these drawings except the black and whites were drawn in, the black and whites were drawn in a sketchbook using a pencil.

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